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Goal of Coatie3D project is the development of a 3D graph drawer and viewer. The purpose of graph drawing is the identification of a pleasant (3d) layout for a given graph.

Binaries and sourcecode may be found at:

Here are some examples:

Graphs are visualized using a special version of Tunkelang's graph drawing algorithm:


This allows for a fast and pretty good visualization of graphs:

Like this....

Nodes may be displayed using spheres or labels:

User may navigate through the graph using a comfortable GUI.

All graph drawing and clustering algorithm can be called from the GUI or from the command line.

The octree data structure leads to a fast visualization of complex graphs.

Graphs can be clustered using the well-known MajorClust algorithm. This clustering information may be used to find a visualization which emphasizes a graph's inherent structure. Alternatively the clustering information can also be used to colour a graph's nodes:


Different ways exist to highlight clusters:


Graph structures, as identified by the MajorClust clustering algorithm, are shown: